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Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses assignment 2. Female brains are smaller than male brains thus an indication of intellectual disparity. However, inferior intelligence of women is compensated for by superiority in instinct and perceptual ability. Variability hypothesis indicates that women are moist and cool thus, warm and more receptive than their male counterparts. In addition, female education should be structured in a way to nurture their societal roles for motherhood and family care. Maternal instincts of females are identified in a woman’s ability to be passionate, patient and in chastity. Women thus spend much of their energies in preparation for pregnancy and lactation. This reduces their intellectual development.In conclusion, sex differences in males and females are still an open question in the contemporary society. However, women are just as intelligent as their male counterparts and can equally contribute to societal development despite their primary social roles. As such, brain differences and maternal instincts should not form the basis of secluding women from positions requiring intellectual abilities.Color discrimination is an issue hindering development of black race in the United States. This creates concern as statistics show stereotyping of black females thus rendering them socially unfit. Their color and body structure proves that they are not beautiful and sexually attractive. As a result, most black girls are sexually assaulted and suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, the media facilitates stereotyping of black society through use of light skinned women in friendly advertisements and associating black women to misfortune. This makes them struggle for survival through their adolescent age, education and sexuality.


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