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Need an research paper on teliason era and google (competition law). Needs to be 39 pages. Please no plagiarism. However, it can be agreed that attaining this desirable status, in which all stakeholders benefit optimally, is relatively challenging. Coupled with increased pressure from the market to make profits, most business persons have opted for satisfying their needs at the expense of the consumer. Furthermore, individual business entities have gone to great lengths to attain and maintain a competitive edge in the markets that they explore. In essence, they take measures that are geared towards enhancing their performance and outperforming their counterparts. They have adopted malpractices such as collusive price fixing, predatory pricing, tie-up sale, discriminatory pricing and creating barriers to market entry amongst others. These trends have had adverse effects on both the consumers and other business persons in the market. To address these, regulatory policies have been put in place. Perhaps one that has been more effective in addressing the preceding concern is competition policy. Competition policy constitutes a set of measures adopted by the government which direct the behavior of the businesses as well as the structure of the entire business industry. Their main aim is to maximize the welfare of the affected stakeholders and promote effective and efficient performance. They provide useful insights regarding how business entities and individuals can explore the market and enhance healthy competition. Further, they offer guidelines regarding how to prevent anti competitive practices that hurt the industry and undermine sustainable growth and development. At this point, it cannot be disputed that unfair competitive practices promote aggression that has detrimental effects on the performance of businesses.


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