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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Managerial economics-Ethics assignment.Advertising another bailout package to the people and Congress proves to be a long stretch as suspicion and unwillingness is reasonably a hard sell when it involves companies that eaned billions. While Paulson figures out how to fix the problem, trying hard as he can to resolve it within the private sector, corporations are out for their own interests leading to the inevitable fall of Lehman Brothers. Eventually, the corporation files for bankruptcy and the bigger problems are just starting for big names that include AIG.This movie is ideal in understanding how the financial system in America works, not only that, it emphasizes on the interconnectivity of companies and even of governments that it is essential to appreciate that there must be mutual support instead of everyone only thinking for themselves. The role of managers can be seen to be the bridge that determines whether the company applies social responsibility or not. The relationship of businesses is important in building rapport and goodwill. In my own line of business importing and exporting goods, I find it true that the banks play a major role in the sustainability of trade. I do business internationally where I have to deal with people of different nationalities including the laws that apply to each transaction. The ethical conduct of business is just as important as the business itself.There are a number of ethical dilemmas in the film. Paulson, as a former banker who made his millions in Goldman Sachs, knows how they think and how they will react. At times he had been suspected of advocating for his own interests though the same is not true. He sat down the CEOs to push them to buy and support Lehman Brothers, but Merrill Lynch’s John Thain secretly called to push for the purchase of shares in his own company instead of Lehman Brothers. On the last part of the movie, Paulson managed to convince large banks to accept a nationalization


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