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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Outline one limitation of the NICE guidelines (related to development, content or application) and suggest ways in which this limitation can be remedied.This article will look deep into the decentralization constraint that comes with the NICE guidelines in relation to development. I will also give several ways in which the decentralization in the medical field can be solved so as to make the NICE guidelines more effective to the people of UK.NICE is not a departmental part of the public body of the health department in Britain but serves England’s NHS and the Wales NHS. This decentralization makes NICE decision making process hard and slow because it has to consult with another organization that is the National Health Service (Whitty & Eccles 2004). This greatly hinders development on the side of NICE as an organization that comes up with standards and guidelines that should be followed in the whole of UK. This decentralization of the two medical bodies in Britain comes with other problems. For example NICE guidelines endorse some cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy which are directly funded by the National Health Service, without the patient being asked for a single cent in return (Harper 2012). However, NICE guidelines do not approve some cancer treatments, because each drug and treatment that NICE assesses it has to be given a go ahead by the National Health Service and fund it. This is a hindrance to the development of nice guidelines.Development always moves at a sluggish pace when there is more than one body or organization that is involved. All the concerned stakeholders in Britain are complaining because the effectiveness of NICE guidelines is greatly hindered by the decentralization of medical standards forming bodies in the United Kingdom (Handbook 2012).There are ways that NICE can remedy this problem in setting standards that are not biased and those that will satisfy every stakeholder in the medical field. With the help of the UK government NICE should become an


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