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Need an research paper on sport mgmt. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. This paper then aims to create a career plan focusing on sports based on learning and insights on the career path of Cristiano Ronaldo in football. He has been chosen due to his recognition and performance in this sports field. A section of the paper will allocate a discussion of his career as the basis for creating the personal five year career plan. The plan will include specific goals and methods on how this can be achieved. Football in the World and Qatar Football was recognized to come from Britain, which is widely played during the 1700s in from courts to narrow streets of the urban communities (Murray B. and Murray W. 2). However, historical accounts suggest that the game was played in Asian countries and the United States. This means that football is already a global sport long before the founding of the world cup tournaments. It can be associated that this is a primary reason for the world’s increasing interest in the sport. In UAE, the football association exerted enormous effort in promoting the sport (Al Abed et al. 302). Despite the current ranking in FIFA World Cup, Qatar invested its wealth on football as evident in the UAE’s success, completed tournaments, and sponsorship deals. In implication, Qatar and UAE encourage the increase of interest in the sport, and inculcate it to be part of their culture and education. Hence, it is not unexpected that many enthusiasts would aspire to pursue a career in football. In relation to the career plan, it is important to be aware of the facts and the roots of the game to understand the impact and significance of the sport to a person and to the world. Moreover, this will provide a view of opportunities for becoming a player. Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo has been selected to be an icon for this career plan due to his successful career in football. He has been identified as one of the top best football player of his time. This star is currently playing for Real Madrid, who is considered to be the best winger who has played in the world cup (Greaves and Giller). His skills are a combination of his own and that of other of acclaimed players. This Portugal-born player commenced his football career when he joined the Sporting Clube de Portugal (Coutinho 32). This player already shined in the Portugal team with 69 international games and 22 goals scored. However, Ronaldo has been a frequenter in the national games as he played for Under-17 and Under-20 to 22. These exhibit that even at an early age Ronaldo’s skills and abilities as a player has brought him to the international stage and a glorious high point. It was not until 2003 that he was transferred to Manchester United and Real Madrid in 2009. This paper deemed that his exposure to different teams further developed his skills and performance as it introduced various playing techniques. Ronaldo is equipped with speed and excellent ball control that shaped him as the world’s most fatal winger (Coutinho 32). His dexterity paved way for his nomination as FIFA World Soccer Player in the year 2008, and runner-up in 2009. Aside from his skills, he is also highly professional. His former coach (Jose Mourinho) admired Ronaldo for being the most professional player he has met (Richards, Coaching Ronaldo). This may be one of the factors that pushed Ronaldo’s growing career. Apparently, abilities should be coupled with right attitude to attain and retain success.


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