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Resource:Healthy Care Community ProfileThis week you continue your work on the HCC HIT system upgrade project by drafting several components of your project team’s security plan to prevent and manage breaches to data, confidentiality and privacy. You will also update your Healthy Care Community recommended network architecture design from the Week One Healthy Care Community HIT Design Proposal individual assignment. Part 1 – Security and Privacy PlanUse your proposed design from the Week One Healthy Care Community HIT Design Proposal indvidual assignment and your instructor’s feedback to complete this assignment.             Develop the following components of a Security and Privacy Plan for the planned HCC HIT design:A description of five security requirements that must be addressed to implement a cloud-based solution (e.g., protecting data in transit and ensuring only authorized patients have access to their information) into your recommended HIT network design and how these requirements differ from those needed for the current local solutionsThe identification of three viable threats to confidentiality and privacy of HCC patient data and to your recommended HCC HIT systemAn appropriate mix of compliance and security countermeasure recommendations for each identified security requirement and viable threat, including:Hardware control recommendations (technical controls)Software configuration recommendations (technical controls)IT administrative policy and practice recommendations (administrative controls)User best practice recommendations (operational controls)Document your security plan components as a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document. Part 2 – Revised HIT Architecture DiagramRevise your proposed Healthy Care Community HIT Architecture Diagram from your Week One Healthy Care Community HIT Design Proposal individual assignment by completing the following:Incorporate your instructor’s feedback and what you have learned this weekIdentify the location and types of your security control recommendations from Part 1 of this assignmentNote: You will use your revised Healthy Care Community HIT Architecture Diagram in the Week Three Healthy Care Community HIT Installation Plan individual assignment. Compress your Healthy Care Community Security and Privacy Plan component documentation and the Visio file of your Healthy Care Community HIT Architecture Diagram into a ZIP folder. Submit your ZIP folder.


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