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Write 7 pages with APA style on Causes of Lower Back Injuries among Nurses. As I could observe, lower back pain is comparatively a common disorder among several nurses, especially those having longer working hours and with substantial experiences in the field of operations, indicating to the ageing workforce. Primary observations have revealed that symptoms of lower back pain and injury are one of the common disorders that several nurses are facing during their long working hours. In order to justify the assumption taken, literature searches will be conducted based on the search terms listed below. Search Terms: The search terms used to obtain literature and support the determined research issue include, causes of lower back pain, workforce issues, stress as a possible cause of lower back pain, propensity of lower back pain among nurses, ageing workforce facing lower back pain problems, long working hours causing lower back pain, managerial initiatives to deal with lower back pain. Accordingly, databases from Google Scholar, Research Gate, National Institutes of Health (NIH) and similar others will be taken into consideration when conducting the final research through the application of the stated terms. It was with the help of these terms that the research problem was derived for the proposed study. The Research Problem: Lower back injury is one of the common health disorders observed among nurses. Interventions have been implemented although little betterment was witnessed in this context. As much as believed, a greater proportion of the issue is yet to be revealed, which can be fruitful in developing more effective intervention programs. Expectedly, the proposed research will be beneficial in shedding light on the gap identified. Hence, the research problem to be emphasised through the proposed study will be to identify the underlying unidentified or less known causes of lower back pain among nurses.&nbsp.


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