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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Article responses. It needs to be at least 500 words.(Pg. 3)”As quoted above, it is also mentioned throughout the article that the history of modern music in no longer tolerating “meaningful juxtaposition of antithesis.” Indeed, music is taking a turn of its own accord by going against the cultural industry and into its own domain. Modern music is finding its own place for itself.Music is one of the only forms of art that has had a difficult time in being recognized in the media, and for the audiences. The non-conceptual and the non-objective elements that are in music appeal to philosophical ideas, and yet this is what has hardened it against the market-place mentality. People do not want to sell or to listen to music that they cannot understand because it is above their level of comprehension. Sellers and audiences want something basis that everyone can enjoy.When radical music first became known, it was put into complete isolation during the last stages of industrialism. Because of this, music that was feigning “modernity” and “seriousness” arose, almost as a mockery to the true radical music that was never made known. The artists of the radical music were thrown into a false sense of peace. Not only was their music not being put out to the public, but also other artists were making a mockery of it. Naturally, appealing to audiences everywhere, as it made more sense. the false modern and serious music played a bigger role in the music industry during that time.Another type of music, following that of a philosophical sort, was that of intellectualism. It is noted in the article that intellectualism is more appealing to the brain, as opposed to the heart or to the ears. The article states, “It is in no way conceived by the senses, but rather worked out on paper. (Pg. 11)” As bizarre as this may seem, seeing as music is something that first, in most cases, touches the ears or the heart, intellectualism became one of the more common types of music. This was a


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