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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Child Sex Tourism. It needs to be at least 1000 words.On the other hand, international laws and legislation were found to have yet to meet ends with the fight against child sex tourism. Since it has become a global dilemma, laws on commercial sexual abuse among children in each country must recognize and adhere to a unified agreement on legislation as well as its implementation to ensure success in combating child sex tourism.Child sex tourism (CST) is the commercial sexual exploitation of children by persons who travel from their own country to engage in sexual acts with children (Fraley, 2005). The United Nations has basically the same definition such that it is an organized tourism (the nature of which encompasses many activities) that facilitates the commercial sexual exploitation of anyone under18 years of age (Patterson, 2007). Travel and tourism, for which involves the associations between and among countries are significant factors that play in the prevalent success of this sex trade of minors. Consequently, even as one country becomes more rigorous in implementing its laws against the commercial sexual exploitation of children, they may not be just as successful without the cooperation of the other. Non-committal among nations who even had the most number of victims were found to be one among these factors affecting the prevention of the occurrence of such horrendous criminal acts.The United Nations and various Non-government organizations (NGOs) had synergized with the developed nations in order to strengthen the need to stop child prostitution. This collaboration had been intended to promote various provisions and campaigns towards an intensive and stringent implementation of appropriate and effective strategies against child sex tourism.The United States has been found to be one of the most frequent child sex tourists preying especially on the less developed countries. Studies have revealed that twenty-five percent of sex tourists are Americans (Andrews, 2004.


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