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Write 1 page essay on the topic JAWA Manifesto(1997 / 2008).To communicate to the audience, they invoke emotional and cultural imagery that can convey the storyline in the shortest of time. For instance, “a single frame of Darth Vader instantaneously evokes the whole mythology of star wars and that Character” (Richardson, 01). Jawa deals primarily with the technique of adjusting visual and audio symbols. Roy Lichtensien, who is a pop artist is a good example of how exploration with technology can deliver an incredible outcome.Conceivably, Jawa focuses on simplifying the vital information that the audience requires by combining them into one essential piece. Evidently, they have perfected the art of capturing the audience’s attention through invoking an emotional response in the meticulous combination of speed and artistic styles. This enables the fast presentation of stimuli before the audience can conclusively comprehend.The spread of the tapes occurred very fast since they were given freely. Consequently, the videos rapidly caught attention, and people would fill the halls deeply engraved into the movie. Essentially, Jawa began as an aggressive response to the misuse of video as a narrative in a literal context. Notably, it has currently focused more in changing mass media and putting it back into


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