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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Describe the Colonial era fur trade What groups were involved How did it effect colonists How did it effect Native people What made it Significant Who do you think benefited most in the short term In the long run and why. It needs to be at least 250 words. COLONIAL FUR TRADE Fur trade started in early 1500s during the Ice age that stroke Europe. Fur was needed to keep peoplewarm from the severe cold. Greatest amount of fur was obtained from North America mainly in Canada and around the Great Lakes which had thick forests inhabited by many animals covered with fur. The fur trade era mainly involved Europeans who were the buyers and Indians who acted as suppliers of the goods. The European traders involved in this trade included French, Dutch and British most of whom reached the North America as fishermen1. The fur was exchanged for guns and other manufactured goods from Europe. The great value attached to fur during the colonial trade led to great competition and enmity between the key traders who were mainly British and French traders. The war for fur led to the defeat of the French colonists by their counterpart British who controlled much of the fur trade. 2The era of fur trade in the Northern America led to the development of friendship between the native Indians and the white colonialists. The Native Americans also suffered the deforestation as much of their forests were cleared in pursuant of the animals rich in fur. In addition, the great competition for the valued fur led to the death of many native suppliers of the fur and great division among most of the local communities. In addition, native suppliers of fur also contracted deadly diseases and infections from their colonists and trade partners3. Short term benefits earned from the fur trade were greatly enjoyed by the French colonists and traders who were among the very first Europeans to arrive in the fur rich land of North America. The other group of Europeans who also benefited in the short-term was the British colonialists and traders who fought to oust their predecessor who was French. Long run benefits were enjoyed by the Indians and their correspondent Native Americans living in North America. This was so considering the fact that, in exchange of fur they got valuable products and durable products like guns, machines and other precious metals. They also benefited from development and growth of industries in America and Canada. BibliographyRay, A. (1990). The Canadian fur trade in the industrial age. Toronto, CN: University of Toronto Press. Ray, A. (1998). Indians in the fur trade: Their role as trappers, hunters, and middlemen in the lands southwest of Hudson Bay 1660-1870. Toronto, CN: University of Toronto Press. Chittenden, H. (1986). The American fur trade of the Far West. Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press.


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