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“The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman or watch this interview, then write a 3 page summary by following the instructions to answer all the questions to earn up to 50 extra points. The summary must be turned in by Friday 7/22 •Apply the terminology and concepts that have been learned in this class for each part of the question •Use your critical thinking skills to give in your own words an in-depth analysis of “The World is Flat” •Cite any references that are used in your paper on a separate citation page1.What have you learned from the speech? 2.Does the book and the speech change your view of globalization? 3.What does Freidman mean by “the playground is leveled”? 4.Do you agree with him that the world is flat? Why or why not? 5.What action would you recommend for other Americans like you to take?IntroductionThe world is Flat is an international bestseller by Thomas Friedman which focus onglobalization of the world systems during the 21 st century. The title is a metaphor which askviewer…


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