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1. Captain T’s tuna is sold in cans that have a new weight of 8.015 ounces. The weights are normally distributed with a mean of 8.011 ounces and a standard deviation of .11 ounces. You take a sample of 40 cans. Compute the probability that the sample would have a mean. A. Greater than 8.01 ouncesB. Less than 8.025 ouncesC. Between 7.995 and 8.04 ounces2. Of random sample of 105 firms with employee stock ownership plans, 56 indicated that the primary reason for setting up the plan was tax related. Develop a 99 percent confidence interval for the population proportion of all such firms with this as the primary motivation.3. The corporate lawyer, a magazine for corporate lawyers, would like to report the mean amount earned by lawyers in their area of specialization. How large a sample is required if the 90 percent level of confidence is used and the estimate is to be within $1,300? The population standard deviation is $15,000.


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