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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Sucess and Dissapointment Stories. It needs to be at least 500 words.However, I realized that looking for her could take several hours and I would miss my assignment deadline with unpleasant consequences for my academic success. I finally decided that I would complete my assignment and then commit as much time as I needed to finding my cat. I rationalized that if I set about looking for my cat first I could end up not finding my cat and also failing my class.However, if I completed my assignment and submitted it on time, I could at least be assured of at least one successful task. Moreover, if I never found my cat, I would suffer for a while but I would recover eventually. But if I failed my class, it would have far reaching consequences for my future career. In other words, proportionality won out in the end. I completed my paper and submitted it on time. Relieved of the pressure of time constraints I was able to freely look for my cat and did in fact find her and bring her home.STORY SUMMARY: Prioritizing time and resources can be difficult when one relies on self-discipline and there is no external supervision. In the scenario described above I had to consider proportionality with respect to long-term consequences of prioritizing one task over the other. By taking this approach I was able to manage my time and resources productively and ended up accomplishing both tasks.FULL STORY: I purchased a wireless mouse for my computer and after only a few days it stopped working altogether. Unfortunately, I had disposed of the original packaging and could not find my receipt evidencing its purchase. I telephoned the retail store and explained my dilemma, but was informed that without a receipt, I would not be able to return the product unless it was credit or debit card purchase. Since the transaction had been made by cash, I had no chance of returning the defective mouse. Even so, I went to the store myself and asked for an audience with the store’s manager. Once


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