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Compose a 1500 words assignment on work-related project analysis, part i. Needs to be plagiarism free! This systems analysis includes a research into the supply chain system instated by Audi. The research methodology is primarily based upon a secondary research or more specifically a literature review of magazine article, press release, case study, and a textbook. The research design follows an empirical analysis based on qualitative sources that aims to analyze the working of its supply chain as the chosen system or project. Information is gathered from these sources as mentioned which will form the theoretical base in analyzing, assessing, and evaluating the efficiency, effectiveness, and performance of its supply chain system in delivery value to its consumers. The supply chain operations are important to any company for delivering its outputs and meeting its goals. Hence, this work related project analysis is to follow a literature review of secondary sources so as to gather the relevant information and knowledge regarding the system in place. The research design specifically involves use of germane sources so as to allow a rigorous analysis.Audi has now merged with the German based auto company Volkswagen AG after the company acquired 99 percent of its shares (Diaz, 2006). Having its head offices in Germany, Audi is a highly renowned automobile manufacturing company that produces high quality cars. The company’s supply chain system is a very important component of the supply chain which helps in delivering customer satisfaction and value to consumers. The production of its cars and the assembling of the various car components require seamless functioning of the supply chain. Production is aided by inbound and outbound logistics that helps to connect the transported raw materials with the production line. For many other car manufacturing firms, the supply chain department serves an important line function.


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