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Internal Research Proposal for Office Equipment – InstructionsAssume that our office needs new equipment such as copy machines, scanners, tablet computers, smartphones, or an all- in one printer.  Do the research necessary to write a convincing internal proposal for me: Dr. Al Santillanes, Vice President.  As your vice president, I have asked you to research and recommend a piece of equipment for our office.  The selection of the piece of equipment is up to you depending on your interest; however, make it sound like I required the piece of equipment in your direct tone response to my assignment.  Since it is an internal proposal, please be sure to select the appropriate format (see Files section with new name). Also, make sure to properly research your recommendation by comparing, evaluating and providing research sources (cited appropriately in your sources section) for your recommendation. In addition, I want to see your sources as you make an informed recommendation to me on the piece of equipment for our office. Please note that this business report should be three-to-four, single-spaced pages in length, not including the bibliography or reference page.  While you are required to recommend a piece of office equipment.  I would like you to compare three different brands of similar office equipment!  For example, if you were recommending a new office printer you need to compare three different brands (say Canon, HP (Hewlett Packard), and Brother) with similar features and with factors such as cost, connectivity,  color vs. black and white, etc.  Whatever office equipment you select make sure to compare all three similar products with similar features and evaluation factors.


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