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Write 11 pages thesis on the topic 4th generation based on imt-advanced. Designated primarily for the wireless medium of communication, the 4th generation technologies enable communication at highest rates achieved so far across the broadband interface. It facilitates the customers through the usage and availability of the higher broadband rates, advanced encryption techniques, further advanced system configuration and extensively secure and more sophisticated network of hardware devices. The 4th generation technology works in backward compatible mode with the previous devices, software and other technologies that were in place previously. This makes this medium and this interface easy to work with and relatively easy to implement in different environments. Based on its effective and broader network spectrum, 4th generation technologies can be used in medium-scale organizations to large scale organizations that require state of the art and advanced technologically equipped devices with ever faster speeds and traffic facilities. The following are a few of the basic features that are associated with the 4th generational digital advancements.The 4th Generation technologies come in a sequence of the generational developments that are taking place through different phases. They are preceded by 3rd generation technologies. The third-generation technologies were more or less advancement of the 2nd generation technologies, operating in nearly the same spectrum and same frequency range with relative developments and advancements in the different areas, therefore it was imperative to bring about a technological standard that is relatively wider in operations, more accommodating and makes use of the different and bigger frequency bands in the form of Gigabit band.Standards:4th Generation telecommunication system has its own set of standards specified. These are specified and authorized through the I.T.U administering commission. WiMAX, WiMAX 802.16d, Wimax 802.16e, OFDMA, IMT-Advanced, L.T.E, translation transfer from IPV4 to IPV6 are few of the basic and prominent standards set forth against this generation of telecommunication family which will provide a new interface of operations and communications undertaking in the different areas of the digital communicational world.


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