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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Game and Drama Theories. It needs to be at least 750 words.The players define the game by choosing their preferences and beliefs concerning their opportunities. Games are the only human interactions with fixed beliefs and preferences. The rules of the game fix opportunities and preferences. Other human interactions don’t have fixed rules. In real life, people try to achieve their interests competitively, just like in a game (Kincaid, 2002). In some games, the winner takes all the prizes, because they are very competitive with only one winner. Other games require cooperation strategies among players to allow a player to advance. The concept and techniques are similar in real life. In times of hostility, rivals unite with a common interest to defend themselves against a common enemy. For example, during the cold war, Moscow and Washington united to avert the nuclear war despite being enemies.The theory gives analytical tools to analyze strategic interactions among people. It uses simple, numerical models to analyze complex social issues and relations. It illustrates the risks involved in people’s cooperation with distrustful others. The lessons learnt from a game are applicable to numerous social interactions. The games have five elements that simulate real life situations. Players are a basic element for decision making (Howard, 2009). Strategies are used by players to assert their position while rules govern the game. Outcomes result from choices that players make while playoffs accrue to each player in accordance with each possible outcome. The games assume that each player will use strategies that will avail the best outcome to him.It is very useful in solving societal conflicts and stalemates especially through cooperation to defeat a common enemy/crisis. For example, intercultural conflicts can be solved through cooperation. When the society faces a common problem such as a security threat from an external force, everyone is at risk.


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