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What are the main priorities in the 21st-century women's movement according to the three sources?  

This week we are looking at the women’s rights movement and feminism in the 21st century.  We’ll focus on how the definition, scope, and perceived usefulness of feminism and the women’s rights movement has changed and how and if it remains relevant to our lives.  The Cochrane article, from The Guardian in the United Kingdom, and Emma Watson’s speech, given by a British woman at the United Nations UN Women conference, underscore the fact that women’s rights and feminism are now global movements and global concepts. All three sources, including the Washington Post, discuss the changing definition of feminism.

  1. What are the main priorities in the 21st-century women’s movement according to the three sources?
  2. Compare how feminism is defined, according to the three sources and whether you think there seems to be a useful or consistent definition.


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